MEMFIL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of water filter to serve the world with innovative solutions, improving our living environment while lowering costs.

Water filters by MEMFIL produce healthy, great tasting water for better health, detoxification and wellness. MEMFIL water filter offers better than bottled water quality at a fraction of the cost and far more convenience, it's the smart choice!

MEMFIL water filters a priceless investment in family health and wellness. Healthy water is the foundation to good health, after all our body is over 70% water.

We have lots of variants in stock for optimum flexibility so that you can quickly get the suitable water filter to match your household, industry, ponds and buildings. Most of these water filter are maintained in stock for immediate shipments. The designs have come about as a result of our own use and those of our customers. Our partners manage a big beautiful park, therefore we have an ongoing program of continually testing and developing new water filter.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please call our knowledgeable and friendly sales department. There is a great chance that we either have what you exactly need, or are able to match it. When all "off the shelf" MEMFIL water filter just won’t work, we will work with you to custom produce the water filter that you need, whatever the design.

We are happy to accept small or blanket orders from you. Simply provide your delivery schedule to us, and we will ensure they will be shipped on time and safely.

Our mission is to revolutionize water filter technology applications, and build a brighter future with water filter technology to enabling water filter to benefit every life in our planet by protecting limited resources and environment.

Our water filter have been designed through our dedicated development team working relentless towards the goal of providing an uncompromising level of product and service quality at the cutting edge of water filtration technology. We accomplish this goal by offering our customers:

Highest Quality

The success of water filtration technology application depends on the increased reliability, robust construction, and long life span of water filtration products. You can trust MEMFIL to support your green choice, because we are here to strive for excellence at ours in order to meet these technical criteria. Our water filtration product are of equal or higher quality than the corresponding competitors’ products, and offer you a highest value from functional and visual aspects.

Best Service

Understanding customers’ needs for the most reliable and most quick service, we are committed to pride ourselves, both present and future, with free technical support.

Lowest Price

Unlike our competitors we are total water filtration specialists, involved in all of its aspects from design to manufacturing. We are a material supplier, water filter designer, mold maker, all in one through our collaborative development network to ensure that we have the best and the most cost effective solution to our clients’ needs. When MEMFIL finds similar products that are better working and more economy than ours, we won't hesitate to let you know and adjust your order at once.

Our Policy

It is the policy of Memfil Group of Companies to :

  • Conduct all operations in a responsible manner, free from recognized hazards, to respect the Environment, Health and Safety of our employees, neighbors, customers, suppliers and the local community
  • Comply with all applicable Environmental, Health and Safety laws and regulations of the country, customer’s policies Environmental, Health and Safety standards and directives
  • Promote water and wastewater treatment clean technologies to our customers
  • Prevent pollution, conserve natural resources and achieve zero accident
  • Demonstrate continual Environmental, Health and Safety improvement

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